Rim job tips

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Holly Riordan January 10, Even if you think you don't have any hair back there, trust me there's the one stray that got away. Having a smooth posterior heightens your sphincter's sensitivity to touch.

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Tagged: rimmingButtsanal. Don't ever put anything that's been in a behind into or too close to a vagina without sterilizing it. You can transfer dangerous bacteria and micro-organisms that can cause infections such as vaginitis and cystitis. Tagged: rimmingButtsBacteriaVagina. As long as you are only doing little nibbles or gentle love bites -- not hard chomps. Tagged: rimmingButtsteeth. After a while, start gently pulling the buttocks apart so the anus is exposed and your fingers are gradually getting closer to it.

Tagged: rimmingmassageanal.

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Tagged: rimminglubeFlavored Lube. Tagged: rimmingtouchespenis. Tagged: rimmingDoggie Stylesex positions. Tagged: rimmingtonguelickingmassage. Tagged: rimmingmoaningvibration. This area is particularly sensitive on the male body, and can bear strong pressure from your tongue. Tagged: rimminglickingPerineum. Tagged: rimmingvibratorsex toys. Gently blowing hot and cold air onto the area during oral sex can intensify the sensations and heighten nerve endings.

Alternate licks and blows for incredible pleasure. Tagged: rimmingBLowingBreath. Alternate between a flat, wide tongue for gentle strokes and a stiff, pointed tip for pinpoint precision. Mix it up so your partner never knows what's coming next. Tagged: rimmingtongueVariety. All anal play is easier if your partner is already hugely turned on, so get them half way there before you try your hand or mouth at rimming.

Women often find anal play easier and more comfortable once they've already had one orgasm. Tagged: rimmingturned onHorny. Remnants rim job tips not desired. Tagged: rimminghygienecleanliness. You'll be working hard down there, trying to breathe through your nose as your lips rim job tips tongue do the work. Take a minute to catch your breath and make it about your partner. Tagged: rimmingbreathingPatience. Like usual, a little extra help in that area adds a lot of extra sensitivity that le to that full-body good feeling.

Tagged: rimmingballsSensitivity. If you are performing analingus on a hairy guy, just part the hair with your hands so you have better access. Tagged: rimminghairHairy. Work your way in to the anus by circling your tongue around the outer area.

You can suck and nibble the anus directly before going in to insert your tongue into the outer section of the anus. Tagged: rimmingKissinglicking.

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To give it a rest, start using your lips instead. Again try to use a lot of saliva as it feels more enjoyable than dry kisses. Tagged: rimmingsalivaKisses. Tagged: rimmingsex positionsBend Over. This only provides a small amount of stimulation, but when coupled with your tongue techniques, it feel really nice for him. Tagged: rimmingscratchingstimulation.

Compared with mutual oral-genital contact, mutual analingus requires somewhat more physical flexibility, but many people enjoy this position. Tagged: rimming69ingsex positions. Some recipients enjoy having their partner plunge into analingus. But unless they specifically request it, you should approach this highly sensitive area slowly.

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Massage, kiss, and lick the person's lower back, thighs, hips, and buttocks as you slowly work your way towards his or her anus. A slow approach builds anticipation for what's about to happen and often heightens the eroticism of analingus.

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Tagged: rimmingPatiencemassageKissing. After analingus without a dam, be sure to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash or, at the very least, water. Tagged: rimmingcleanlinesshygiene. Take note if he responds to this, but don't overdo it. Tagged: rimmingspankingButts. On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't turn down a guy who wanted to sit on my face. Rim job tips up to you! Tagged: rimmingdoggy stylesex positions. Tap or smack the cheeks depending on the guy's preference. He may even like to be spanked.

Be sure you vary all your hand techniques to heighten his sexual anticipation. Tagged: rimmingmassageSqueezespanking. Making smacking sounds with slow kisses so he can get an added audible stimulation is always a good thing. Lots of licking will also get him sexually charged because he feels that sensitivity on his skin. I start at the top of the crack and just lick down through the butt cheeks without getting too deep. Tagged: rimmingKissingteasing.

Rim job tips

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How to Give a Rim Job: Safety, Techniques, Tips, & More