Amputation fetish

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Bondy, frail from pneumonia and heart disease, died two days later at a motel outside San Diego from gangrene poisoning. Brown, 77, lost his medical in after three patients nearly died from sex-change operations he performed in places such as a garage and a hotel. He served three years in prison after a conviction for performing surgery to shift a man's hairline during a sex-change operation. Last week, he pleaded guilty to practicing medicine without a by performing shoddy sex-change operations.

He could receive life in prison if convicted of murdering Bondy. He has pleaded innocent to murder. His lawyer said he had no intention amputation fetish killing Bondy.

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On Tuesday, Gregg Furth of New York testified that he and Bondy shared a fetish known as apotemnophilia, the sexual desire to remove a limb because the person doesn't believe it should be part of his body. He said he and Bondy searched for years to find someone to perform their operations and finally learned about Brown.

Two weeks later, Bondy, 79, traveled to San Diego for his surgery. Afterward, Furth said, Bondy called him and asked him to accompany him back to New York. Furth amputation fetish to San Diego and arrived at the motel May He said Bondy's leg was bandaged and he noticed no complications. The next morning, he found Bondy dead in his motel bed.

Superior Court Judge Bernard Revak ruled Tuesday that two transsexuals whose sex-change operations were botched by Brown could testify at the murder trial. Prosecutors want to show that Brown had a pattern of disregarding his patients' health and safety. One transsexual, referred to only as Carrie, testified that she heard about Brown through an underground network of other transsexuals.

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She said she knew Brown had lost his. Carrie said her surgery, performed in a Tijuana clinic, wasn't successful and she was sent home without antibiotics or pain medicine. Subscribe Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log in Log out. Regions Tampa St.

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Amputation fetish

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Dear Abby: I don’t want to be part of my husband’s amputation fetish