Exquisite orgasms

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More than content. But I'd always heard of women who could could climax multiple times and wondered whether I was missing something.

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Yes, I'd had more than one orgasm before, but it usually happened randomly and alone. I wanted to learn how to do it on command, damn it! Turns out, training yourself to become multi-orgasmic is totally doable—in theory. That settled it: I was going on a month-long quest to train myself to be reliably multi-orgasmic. Will being able to have exquisite orgasms orgasms pretty much whenever I wanted make sex with myself and others even better? I mean, I assumed so. But there was also a moralistic reason for the journey I was about to undertake. They exist to remind us of the things we have to look forward to, and of the good in the world.

Which is why, in times like these, being able to have multiple orgasms seemed exquisite orgasms called for. Laurie Mintz, Ph. I decided to adopt that definition myself for the sake of this exercise, and for a month I tried every technique I could find for theoretically inducing multiple orgasms. And since I'm both single and a vibrator enthusiast, I figured this was the best way to go. I firmly believe that enjoying porn does not make you a bad feministso I turned on the hottest consensual gangbang video I could find and used my pink Doc Johnson warming iWand vibrator.

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Once I had an orgasm, though, rather than quickly shutting my laptop and pretending the whole thing never happened, I continued to watch this delightful film and maintain the warm vibrating pressure on my clitoris. Like a wave, my first orgasm gave way to a second. Mission accomplished! Maybe the key for me was that, in the future, I just had to keep going rather than tucker out after one like I usually did.

Easy peasy. I'm prone to anxiety, so it takes an effort to clear my mind. Meds calm me down, but I know they can be habit-forming, so I turn to meditation and masturbation when I can instead. Tantric sex and relationship expert Tatiana Dellepiane told me about a exquisite orgasms she calls the Bliss Breath. Repeat as necessary. While masturbating with a different vibrator, the Satisfyer Pro 2 —a exquisite orgasms that moves air around the clitoris rather than vibrating directly on it—I had one orgasm.

This round, rather than porn, I tried simply fantasizing about sex with someone I care about. Once again I continued to use the toy, but this time I combined it with the Bliss Breath technique, releasing any tension with my exhale.

It also helps spread this orgasmic energy throughout your body. This time, during my second orgasm, the wave was real: I ended up squirtingwhich is rare for me!

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And there was no thinking necessary. She told me that she is personally multi-orgasmic and that weed lube—typically coconut oil infused with cannabis—helped her get there. I decided to give some Foria Pleasure Spray a try. Since I was already using my hands to spray it on, I exquisite orgasms to go manual for this round.

Typically, I really like using products like Foria in my masturbation routine, since adding cannabis oil to solo sex makes it more of a ritual, and it feels quite glam to have a exquisite orgasms vagina though THC topicals will only get you high if you ingest them orally. This time, however, I did not fully climax.

I blamed my exhausting day for ruining the mood. Plus, I was starting to worry that I had ruined my clitoris with vibrators. Fortunately, Dr. Maybe this week I just needed sleep and cuddles. According to Dr. So after I finished work, I decided to put on one of my personal favorite horror movies of all time, The Shining. Also, Jack Nicholson comes after his wife with an axe and shit—not content that makes me want to masturbate.

When that was failing, I turned off the television and walked up the street to my gym. I did a hard 30 minutes of cardio while listening to music, and the exercise endorphins coupled with the dulcet tones of Rihanna made me feel really good about myself. Still sweaty, I ran back to my apartment, put on some David Bowie to keep the good feelings, washed my hands, and went to town on myself. After I orgasmed, I kept going, just as I learned in week one.

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Sure enough, the fabulousness I was feeling about myself resulted in another climax. Exercise FTW. So my mission was an overall success. By making a concerted effort to continue trying to orgasm after I already have—and by utilizing the Bliss Breath technique—it turns out I could be multi-orgasmic on the reg. The journey is where it's at. Topics orgasms sex masturbation sex toys sexual health.

Exquisite orgasms

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